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Web hosting companies are many on the Internet. They provide space on a server to their clients so that their websites are visible and accessible around the world. It’s mandatory to use a hosting service to have online presence. Crocus Infotech is the server hosting company you should check out with. It has the best offers for all the clients.


What Crocus Infotech Offers?

Web Server Hosting is the strength of Crocus Infotech. Being a server hosting company offers the following services to the clients worldwide:

Bandwidth- The bandwidth is provided to the customers based on the size of the files on a website, and also the total number of visitors each month. So the more the files with large, the more bandwidth is required. Therefore, considering these and other such things bandwidth is allocated. You can request for a bandwidth increase if the traffic and files increase.

ControlServer hosting providers often let their customers to control their files and passwords. They give the individuals control to upload files as and when required through shared FTP or through SSH system that allows more secure and easier upload of files on the website.

Control Panel– To help our clients and make running of the website more convenient, we give control panel access to them. As a result, they can manage files, change passwords, add or remove content, make their website search engine optimized, and at the same time manage their own database. All these things won’t be possible if control panel access is not given to the customers.


Benefits of Hiring Crocus Infotech

Using Crocus Infotech hosting services will give you multiple benefits. Some of those benefits are discussed below:

Round the Clock Service: Since our customers are from different part of the world, we provide round the clock service to them. The support service works 24x7 to ensure smooth operations for our clients. We, Crocus Infotech, have a dedicated support team that caters only to server hosting clients. So if you choose us for your server hosting needs then leave all your tensions and just relax.

Reliability and Security: Reliability and security services are two most important things one looks for in a server hosting firm. Hiring a reliable hosting service like Crocus reduces the downtime and increases the dedicated service that’s up and running all the time. Whereas, for security, a hosting service provider also has to take care of security issues such as providing back up and disaster recovery service.

Plenty of Features and Resources: A dedicated service not just provides windows dedicated servers, but also offers its clients with multiple features and resources. We being a hosting company do give our clients to choose from resources that are beneficial for their business. For example: adequate space and bandwidth, various web applications, programming language support, etc. Here at Crocus, we provide Website Design And Hosting as premium service and all is provided under one roof

There are many more benefits of hiring Crocus Infotech as your web hosting service provider. You can avail all of them. If you’re still in doubt, just get in touch with us via phone, email, or Skype, anytime!Web Server Hosting

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