Google Issues Refund Over Ad Fraud

Google fraud ad campaign

Are you using google adwords? Are you promoting your business via PPC on Google search engine? If yes, make sure that your spending is actually used for clicks by humans, and not by BOTS.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, that Google is now issuing refunds to its advertisers after detecting “larger than usual” fraudulent and clicks. These traffics was generated by the computer bots instead of the humans.

As an advertiser promoting your business via PPC campaigns on Google or other search engines, how do you trust your campaign? Upto what extent do you trust? When you pay for PPC campaigns, you do not know whether the clicks are generated by the real humans or by the bots. You can only trust if your business grow with your campaign. However, there you do not know about the clicks are genuine or manipulated. On the other hand if you spent your budged on SEO campaigns rather than PPC, you can measure the performance by ranking. You would not pay anything for every click.

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