Social Media For Business

Social Media For Business

What is media optimization? How does it help an online business?

social media optimization expertsMedia optimization is mostly referred as social media optimization (SMO). It’s a method to drive targeted traffic through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, etc. Like search engine optimization, at Crocus Infotech, we also offer SMO services.

A large number of businesses consider social media optimization as one of the most effective methods to gain visibility and online presence. Yet many of them don’t utilize this platform because of some or other problem – lack of knowledge, busy schedules, budget constraints etc.

Therefore, Crocus Infotech besides giving SEO website optimization service, it also started offering media optimization service to customers. We promote a product/service on multiple online platforms where there’s relevant traffic. Our Digital Media Marketing Experts are among the world class growth hackers.


Social Media Optimization Activities

Media optimization isn’t a secret marketing weapon anymore, neither are the techniques used to in it. Anyway, here’s what Crocus Infotech does to promote and make its clients business visible to the target audience:

Social Networking Sites: Promote, or say, optimize a business on the most famous social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. We use Facebook and Twitter as a marketing platform to reach the right audience.

On Facebook, advertising is done rigorously to attract people to the business website. It increases the chances of conversion. Also a Facebook fan page is created and its link is posted on multiple forums and blogs so that people visit the page and click the ‘like’ button. When an individual likes the page, it automatically shows up in his newsfeed which is visible to all his friends. Thus, it increases the chances of more likes.

On Twitter, an account is created with product/service/company name. Concerned people are followed and continuous tweets are made. As a result, media optimization of a business takes place like no other place on Twitter.

These two social networking giants are used by almost all the social media marketing companies. But it depends on how effectively one does. Trust me - Crocus Infotech is a pro at it.

Social Bookmarking Sites: Social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Reddit, Digg, and Stumbleupon have thousands of visitors every day. What we do is write good content and do post publishing on these bookmarking sites. If the content successfully catches people’s eyes, then you can expect your business to have a flow of traffic like never before.

Crocus Infotech knows some of the best bookmarking sites and is also aware of how to utilize them effectively.

Viral Video Marketing: Video marketing is catching up on the Internet. It’s a part of social media optimization. Included in the social media marketing services package offered by Crocus Infotech, it involves creation of viral videos and their posting & promotion on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The more a video spreads, the more media optimization is done.


For best social media optimization services, talk to us now. We also offer PPT submission and press release distribution in the package apart from above mentioned things. Click on the ‘Contact Us’ link, communicate, and get the best quote for the service.

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