Internet Marketing Company

Internet Marketing Company

Welcome! Your search for a company that provides Internet marketing solution ends here. Crocus Infotech is a known name in the Internet world. We’ve catered Internet marketers, online startups, and technological geeks in their online marketing efforts.

SEO Marketing CompaniesIn todays competitive global economy Internet Marketing has emerged as the key to success for all kind of business as number of internet users increasing day-by-day & new avenues of business also. It is not long since this concept took over the market in 1990. Online Marketing started as simple, text-based websites having product information. Eventually, it evolved into advertisements adorned with graphics. The latest addition to Internet Marketing is the E-commerce business where you can sell your product and services to your customers via internet.

The virtual world is now a reality. With Facebook having a billion users and celebrities around the world using Twitter to reach audience, businesses don’t want to be left behind either. They’re looking for Internet marketing solutions that could help their business grow rapidly. But there are not many people who’re able to guide them about what’s good and what bad for online marketing.

Here at Crocus Infotech we’ve taken a note of this. And started with a mission to help people and companies alike and provide them the Internet marketing solutions that are best for their business.


What Internet Marketing Solutions Do We Provide?

Being in the industry for quite a long time, we know some of the best online marketing practices. And we practice all of them as and when required to give our clients the results they want. Some of those practices are as follows:

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a process to improve the search engine ranking. We all know that Google, Yahoo, and Bing are giant search engines. To hold on a good position on these sites, you’ll have to follow the best link building and content strategies.

This is what Crocus Infotech does. It has a dedicated team who performs the SEO work to ensure that the search engine ranking of our clients improve and drive high-quality targeted traffic and conversions.

Ad Positioning On Search Engines - Google Adwords & PPC

Google has a system called Google AdWords that allows businesses to promote their products and services. In this, one is allowed to create short ads and feature them on search pages.

When a surfer surfs the net and enters a similar query on the search engines, the ads pop up. Similarly, Yahoo too has a program for businesses and Internet marketers. We ensure to create great ads and position them so well that the chances of conversion remain high.

Online Listing

While search engine optimization consists of link building, it also includes listing on multiple websites. For example: Listing a business on Yahoo’s Business Express Directory. It is exclusively to list a website and then monitor its progress and results.

Email Marketing

This is old yet most effective Internet marketing solution provided by Internet marketers. It has nothing to do with Google Internet marketing. Instead, it deals with email addresses of subscribers or audience related in the service. At Crocus Infotech, we do offer email marketing option to our clients.

Besides that there are many Internet marketing solutions we offer our clients. Our clients consider us Internet marketing expert for helping them with online marketing solutions. You too can get in touch with us for all your Internet marketing solution needs. Either email us or give a call and we take it from there. That’s it.

The services also includes but not limited to:
* Manual Directory Submission Services,
* Article Writing & Submission,
* Social Bookmarking and Blog Submission,
* Press Release Submission,
* One Way & Reciprocal Link Building

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