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Content Management System is popularly referred to as CMS. It is a system for maintaining website and web content. This system is often developed by content management organizations for editing and constructions of articles published on the websites.

Just like there are companies for web designing and development, there are also companies for content management. And we are one such company. Crocus Infotech provides CMS solutions to everyone who needs it. Besides offering web development services, we also offer content management services to clients from across the globe.

We offer plenty of content management systems to clients based on their requirements. However, it’s up to them to decide what system they need. Here’s a quick list of different systems that Crocus Infotech provides:

Web Content Management: Web content management is one of the most used content management systems on the Internet. So far, hundreds of software programs have been introduced into the market for better management of web content. But not many website owners know which software to buy and which to avoid.

As a result, they end buying software that doesn’t really work. Therefore, our team at Crocus Infotech first tries a software and then uses for client’s work. Being in the online business for years, we know what software systems to access and what not. Because of which, our clients believe in our content management policies.


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Enterprise Content Management: Enterprise Content Management System(ECM) is a software technology used by enterprises around the world. They use it to create, manage, edit, view, print, store, destroy, publish, and retrieve files such as audio files, videos files, text files, images, codes, and transactional data.

Today, ECM is offered as a service. Unlike earlier, ECM system is not restricted to technological companies. Host based and client based solution providers do offer this service as well. Crocus Infotech also offers ECM service at an affordable price.


Transactional Content Management: Considering the growing e-commerce industry around the world, online businesses now require transactional content management systems. This system assists in managing the e-commerce transactions that take place in a stipulated time from different corners of the world.

Our team serves many e-commerce companies in managing their transaction records, and content related to it. If you too run an e-business, then Crocus can be of help to you.


Publication Content Management: Publications have a content life-cycle. They require content management service to maintain the content in order. Hence, they opt for publication content management. This management system is gaining huge significance these days.

Crocus Infotech provides publication content management system as well. In this, content for books, manuals, magazines, guidelines, references, etc is managed from time to time.

Besides the above three, the other content management systems we offer are integrated content management systems and document imaging systems. While the former helps in managing document and content of an enterprise, the latter helps in maintenance of general content such as pictures, images, and regular text.

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