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Best Web Design Company In India

Based on a survey conducted by the biggest market players predicts that Indian E-commerce revenue is set to grow by 350 in the recent festive season. This is an alarm bell for traditional retailing companies to start an online platform for their products. In the current era of electronic commerce and online shopping end users prefer to buy online as they have a lot of variety, option to choose, consult with partners and easy to order. It is well know that products sold over the internet are always cheaper than the supermarket stores as the seller can save a by purchasing the product directly from the distributor and most of the time distributors sell their products directly via their own e-commerce store.

We, at Crocus Infotech, are taking e-commerce a step forward and allowing even the small retailers or shopkeepers to take their business online and start selling their products by their own web store. One of the biggest problem for small retailers & shopkeepers is that they don’t have big budget to start an e-commerce store as there are a lot of expenses like website design, development, maintenance, server hosting and on top of that execution of the complete strategy including consultancy. We are providing free consultancy to setup and take your business online.
We are a certified e-commerce solution provider and working as technology partner for small, medium and big retail enterprises across the globe, we believe in partnership approach and provide end to end web solution to take your business online.
With our recent research and analysis we have found that most of the retailers are worried about taking their business online due to lack of technical knowledge. And in order to overcome this barrier we have introduced our expert level consulting which will help the small and medium retailers also to identify the current trend on online shopping and they will be able to understand the online market as well. We always believe in transparency and keep our clients posted about the updates. Before we start we provide complete consultation, this helps our clients to build a confidence on the online model of shopping and they can easily create a platform for online sales. We are always available throughout the process and provide complete maintenance to run the business smoothly and hassle free.
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