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Online marketing is slowly but surely catching up. Companies with no online presence are now ready to advertise online to attract target audience from around the world. If you’re one of such business owner who intends to promote products and services online, then you’re at the right page.

Crocus Infotech is one of the leading ad campaign management companies in the industry. We as a company are aware of the industry trends – what online advertising method is effective and which one doesn’t yield results. So we recommend our clients only the methods that bring high ROI.


What Campaigns Do We Manage?

Google AdWords Campaign – First and most effective advertising campaign in the Internet world is Google AdWords. It’s simple, user-friendly, economical, and effective at the same time. In this, what we as Google AdWords manager do for our clients is – we pick the best keywords for them using Google Keywords Tool, create ads, set daily budget limits and place the ads on Google search engine results page.

When the Internet surfers view the ad and click it, few cents or a dollar is paid to Google. The more number of clicks an ad derives the more chances of conversion and better ROI. But, the only setback of using Google AdWords is it is limited to only Google.

Pay Per Click Campaign – PPC Campaign can be run on any search engine; whether it is Yahoo, Bing, or MSN. Therefore, we at Crocus don’t just depend on Google AdWords to drive traffic to our clients’ sites. Instead, being a PPC management company, we advertise on all other search engines as well.

Before investing the entire advertising budget on PPC right away, we ensure to test and try the campaign first. See which ads are bringing ROI and which aren’t. Then carry the campaign with the best running ads.


Ad Campaign Management Includes?

PPC management firms on the Internet offer different services based on their capabilities and experience. Crocus Infotech takes care of the following things to make ad campaign management effective:

Manage Finances: To run an ad campaign successfully, finances have to be managed properly. Money has to be allocated for running ads because with every single click, money is deducted from the account. Therefore, it’s important to have a budget and manage it appropriately. Our Crocus Infotech team is pro at managing finances.

Ad Campaign Tracking: Apart from managing funds, ad tracking is important. It gives you insights of the overall campaign – the better performing keywords, the keywords with least conversion rate, so on and so forth. So being a PPC management company, we do timely ad campaign tracking for our clients. It saves time, money, and efforts.


Why Hire Crocus Infotech?

Crocus Infotech team believes that ad campaign management is all about reaching target audience and bringing high return on investments (ROI). Thus, if you’re looking for a reliable online ad management company, we can help you out. Our team is dedicated and guarantees the best results. Give us a chance to manage your ad campaign and keep your cash registers ringing.Google Adwords Manager

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